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Blockchain has been gaining popularity since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 and its price surge in 2017. Although Bitcoin’s price plummeted as fast as it had risen, the popularity and acceptance of blockchain have been steadily growing ever since and initially devised for Bitcoin, blockchain technology is based on a decentralized network of nodes or computers that keeps data secure and accessible in real-time.

Theta Network has been using this technology to their advantage and aims to improve the quality of video delivered to consumers. Despite all kinds of advancements in technology, the quality of video provided to end-users…

Federal Contracting

Over the current rising issues of COVID-19, many business places have either been forced to shut down, downsize, or have asked their employees to work from home. Unlike some, many people worldwide are facing hardship in terms of their financial situation, and working from home isn’t an option. Under the turmoil of trying to understand how to streamline business operations without risking oneself to the virus’s outbreak, many are turning towards digital currency.

The major consideration rose when Chainalysis deployed a project for the FBI, consisting of a software contract for about $9,000 in 2015. …


One of the first cryptocurrencies to ever emerge was Bitcoin, which was introduced alongside the blockchain. It is a decentralized system without a centralized authority, meaning that nobody owns such a platform. These sets of blocks are encrypted with codes and essential information regarding a specific set of transactions between two or more individuals. A perfect example is a Bitcoin block that contains information about the receiver, the number of bitcoins to be transferred, and information about the sender. These sets of information are then encrypted and added to the everlasting loop of the blockchain. …

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Nexo lending platform offers its customers crypto loans without a credit score check.
Nexo lends money, which is backed by deposits of cryptocurrency. Off and on, it comes into the debate that Blockchain Technology and cryptocurrency will disrupt the flow of most other industries such as finance, social media, traditional money, and real estate. The cryptographic revolution will change the way we see these conventional systems.

Nexo, in the ever-growing DeFi world, allows you to get financing for a security deposit, which will be converted into digital currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. You…

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How many of you out there still think that Bitcoin is blockchain technology? And that it is applicable only for cryptocurrency? Blockchain has become much more than just that. The most common misconception is that Bitcoin is blockchain. When Bitcoin was the only blockchain, there was not much to distinguish it. However, as this technology evolved, blockchain differed from being a monetary aspect. Another myth about blockchain is that it is only relevant to the FinTech industry. In reality, blockchain is a technology that can apply to many different industries.


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It is impressive to see how much has been achieved in the blockchain and crypto community since the inception of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, some different rules or protocols guide the operations and functionalities of the various cryptocurrencies. Technology keeps evolving and getting better by the day, and thus developers are always at the drawing board looking for ways to make blockchain and cryptocurrency better for everyone.

If you are used to using computers, you will notice that there is always one update or the other, or perhaps you may…

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Over a decade ago, Bitcoin was introduced to the world; it was received with a lot of resistance from critics and skeptics. However, it was able to surmount the challenges and grow to become the most valuable cryptocurrency so far. The advent of Bitcoin indicated the start of a revolution in the financial world since it offered a peer-to-peer electronic cash system to allow online payments from one party to another, without the need for a financial institution.


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency created by a person or group of…

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Blockchain is an innovative technology that is causing a paradigm shift in the technological space because new use cases for the technologies get applied every moment. Interestingly, businesses across different industries and sectors have begun to adopt blockchain and cryptocurrency for various purposes.

Everyone within the crypto community is looking forward to when blockchain and crypto will become mainstream applications. It is quite interesting to see that governments that were hard on cryptocurrency have begun to see the good that these technologies can do to economies and systems. In over a…

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The economic world never remains the same — there are changes, and the financial revelations keep coming consistently. One such series of economic measures was the Nixon shock.
Please read below to find out about the Nixon shock and the circumstances that lead to it.

Bretton Woods Agreement
Since the Second World War, the United States became the world’s global superpower. As per the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944, major currencies of all the Western world were designated a fixed exchange rate with the USD. It was recognized as the currency pegging…

Post-COVID Personal Finance Management
Post-COVID Personal Finance Management

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The COVID-19 disruption has brought about a wave of uncertainty that has mitigated the financial circumstances of individuals, and corporations alike, because of the unprecedented demand slacks. This has adversely impacted companies because of the decreasing consumer propensity to spend, amidst lesser earnings that have resulted because of high rates of unemployment and falling income thresholds because of altering consumer patters. In this case, many individuals find it hard to manage their personal finances because they are often at crossroads when it comes to making decisions about purchasing goods and services…

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